One to One walks (including feeding, clean up and household tasks performed*)
£11 for a 30min walk
£15 for 1hr

Play dates (your dog will taken out and socialised with other dogs):

£9 for a 30min walk

£12 for an hour walk

Puppy Play:

£9 for a 30 min visit

(including play, training, feeding, let out and
clean up)
An extra dog from the same household is £4 extra
per dog

One to one prices will depend on the issue the dog(s) have and the number of follow up sessions needed.
Initially, your first assessment session will last up to 2 hours whilst we get to know you and your dog, and discuss the issues he may have. Advice will be given on some practical ways to deal with your dogs behaviour.
We will usually do a second, follow up session the following week, which is a 1 hour visit to check progress and make any changes to the training programmes that have been put in place.
At this point we can discuss any further sessions you may need.

Most issues can be resolved within a few sessions, others can take a little longer.

Pet Taxi

For journeys under 10 miles:
£5 fixed fee and £2 per mile. For any return bookings made, the fixed fee will only be charged for the outbound journey.

Journey over 10 miles can be discussed

Cat Sitting (for up to three cats) Prices are charged per visit, not per cat 

£8 for a half hour visit per day (within the Bolton and Bury area, other
areas quoted on request),
including playtime, feeding, litter changing and any household tasks*

£12 for an hour visit per day

For all services Sundays are 1.5 x the standard rate and
Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day will be
charged at double the standard rate.

*Household tasks include, but are not limited to curtains closed/opened, lights on/off, wheelie bins taken out/brought in/post taken in/indoor plants watered. These requirements will be discussed with you during your free consultation.