Why would you need a dog walker?

  • Ideal if you work long or irregular hours
  • If your dog is bored 
  • If you are going into hospital or are temporarily unable to walk your dog 
  • A good alternative to kennels
  • Ideal for short holidays
  • If you are attending a wedding or other event and can't get back

It is important that your dog has regular exercise to keep him healthy and mentally active. A bored dog will often find his own entertainment and this may end up being taken out on your furniture!
Each walk is tailored to be safe and enjoyable while keeping your dog's fitness in mind. We vary the walks to ensure that he does not get too bored and can be stimulated by the different sights and smells of Bolton and Bury's many rural walks.
We also offer "play dates" where we match your dog's individuality and behaviour with other dogs. This offers essential socialisation and the opportunity to have fun playing with other
dogs. Each dog will be expertly assessed by our qualified dog trainer to ensure that they play nicely. If they are scared or are unsure of other dogs then we may recommend a one to one session with our dog walker. This does not mean they will not receive as much mental stimulation. Our walker will play different games and give them plenty of attention!

We will check with you first that your dog will be good off lead. We will assess your dog on walks and will not allow them off lead without your permission.
Our dog walking service offers the opportunity for your dog to get exercise, have fun and even get a little complimentary, expert training from your walker.
We will also feed your dog if necessary at no extra cost.

The security of both your pet and your home is our highest priority. Any keys will be locked away securely with a reference number - never an address, and any burglar alarm information will be kept in the strictest confidence.