Dog Training & Behaviour Councelling

Woody, Rusty & Kaj
Sometimes our dogs have issues and problems just like us and it can be frustrating when you are unsure why they behave the way they do. At Take My Lead we have fully qualified dog behaviourists and trainers who offer a one to one training service. Problem behaviours can be anything from pulling your arm out of it's socket on walks to fear aggression towards people and or other dogs on walks. We believe that it is important that an owner has a good bond with their dog and this can be difficult if he continues to pee on the carpet or bark incessantly at passers by! Take My Lead's code of ethics is to only use positive, reward based training methods. So we do not use choke, electric shock or prong collars. We do not shout at our dogs and we certainly do not hit them! We can teach you how to train your dog and improve your relationship with them in a fun and rewarding way for both of you. We firmly believe that if you understand WHY your dog behaves in a certain way, you can help change their behaviour.