We love our pets dearly, but the thought of having to leave them in an unfamiliar environment while we go on holiday can be heartbreaking. That's why Take My Lead offer a pet sitting service as an alternative to kennels and catteries. We will provide the care and attention your pet needs with the advantage of them being in their own home.

Dog service

If you are going on holiday and have a friend or relative who can care for your dog overnight we will provide the dog walking service to suit. We will also feed, water and clean up after them if necessary.
All you need to do is provide sufficient food for the duration.

If you are attending an event such as a wedding and need your dog walking and feeding we can provide this service. This way you can enjoy your day without worrying about your dog or having to come back too early.

Cats and small pets

We will visit your home and feed, water and clean up after your pet as well as ensuring they receive playtime and lots of attention.

We normally visit your pet for 30min sessions, but this can be increased to an hour at your request.

We will also draw curtains, switch on lamps, collect post and place your bin out for collection if needed.

Before you go away, we will provide a FREE consultation, where we can discuss your requirements and meet your pet where you can tell us about any routines, likes, dislikes, favourite toys etc. We will need to fill out a little paperwork, and you can ask us any questions you like. All we ask is that you provide enough food and cat litter. We bring along our own rubbish bags and cleaning materials.


A puppy's needs are different to an adults and we can provide a daily visit to feed, clean and play with your new puppy whilst you are at work.

We usually make 2 visits per day to younger puppies and reduce to 1 as they become house trained. Or we can take your puppy for a short walk for one of the visits until they are old enough to be walked
with the rest of the group.

Puppy service is also ideal for smaller breeds of dog such as Chihuahuas or dogs who are not as young as
they used to be